Peter Kuglin

peter kuglin
Peter (Piotr) Kuglin graduated in 1989 from the Academy of Physical Education in
Krakow, Poland with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. He had practiced in Poland
for over 3 years before moving with his family to Canada, where- after obtaining
professional license- he engaged in a successful carrier as a Physiotherapist in Michigan,
USA and Ontario, Canada, acquiring over 18 years of experience.

Following his interests in manual/ manipulative therapeutics, Peter enrolled in the
Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and Holistic Health Sciences (CAO- HHS) in
Hamilton, in 2004. This extensive continuing education has enabled him to implement a
radically new philosophy of therapeutics into his practice with great success.
After graduating from CAO- HHS in 2008 with Diploma in Osteopathic Manipulative
Therapy, Peter focused his professional life on establishing his own practice closer to
home, in Windsor, Ontario. He begun a collaborative effort with DJC Integrative
Therapy, where-alongside a multidisciplinary team- he has been offering an osteopathic
model of manual therapy to his patients and further promoting an osteopathic concept to
the public.

Peter has been continuing his osteopathic journey through ongoing education, enrolling in
advanced classes and courses organized by John Wernham College of Classical
Osteopathy/ Institute of Classical Osteopathy in Maidstone, England, CAO- HHS in
Hamilton and others.

“ Osteopathy: The knowledge of the structure and function relationship of each part
of the human body, applied to correct whatever interferes with its harmonious
George Webster, DO