DR. Sisira K Premarathna, D.A., D.AC., M.AC. F., C.H.H.P

Dr. Sisira K Premarathna started his career in 1990, as a licensed Acupuncturist and   Ayurvedic Docter in Sri Lanka. In his practice, he gathered vast experience in  Ayurved Medicine, Acupuncture and Pulse Reading and extended his services to other countries such as the Maldives and Germany.  He migrated to Canada in 2007 and received his Canadian Licence as an Acupuncturist. He became one of the best Acupuncturist in Windsor Essex County in 2010 due to his excellent and courteous services that he provides to his patients. He treats common health problems and promotes a healthy lifestyles through diet, exercise, and relaxation of body and mind in order to prevent future health conditions.
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